From screenwriting to directing, editing, cameramanship, acting and even
music, the man simply known as ‘CreativEutychus’ does it all!

Music Productions

Some good music i have produced

Meet CreativEutychus

Music and Video Producer, Screenwriter, Director, Editor, Actor, Cameraman

The 1st ever Atlantis movie which was officially Launched by the Mayor of Cape Town Mr.Den Plato in 2010 was written and produced by Eutychus Chamunorwa aka CreativEutychus known as Deejay holy. CreativEutychus began his Music, Film and Television career in 2005 where he was working with INTV as a music producer creating sound effects and soundtracks on their Television program Citizen Child. In 2009 he moved to South Africa where he joined Southern Youth Festival (SUFF) Film and Animation Academy hence his travels around South Africa running filmmaking workshops and also working as a project coordinator for Dollywood productions which focuses on films made by disabled youth of South Africa. Holy is an innovative,competent and successful Filmmaker, Music and Video producer, he produced CapeTown Television promotional video Feel the vibe in 2011. 


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