Calleb Tereka also popularly known as Ras Caleb “the rascal” Dread is a reggae artist from Zimbabwe. He made a household name for himself in the entertainment industry through songs like, Tokwe mkosi, Mutoro, Zviratidzo zvenguva among others. CreativEutychus of Vivacity who has worked with Ras Caleb managed to get him from his busy schedule and shared some of his experiences on the Vivacity WhatsApp platform.

<strong>Musical Career:</strong>Ras Caleb started to develop an interest in music way back in the late 90s but his breakthrough came with the releasing of Tokwe Mkosi – a song which made him known in 2014. This is when things started to be seriously professional for him. Tokwe Mkosi which was inspired by Ras Caleb’s own mumblings and melody blend, did very well on the pure niceness riddim which was produced by Chillsport

However it hasn’t been an easy road for Ras Caleb who in 2010 produced a song Nehanda, which couldn’t garner enough popularity to get air play. In 2012 he made a video, enjoyed a little bit of airplay and recognition but still it was not enough. To date he has done up to 1000 songs taking into account his own album songs, featured songs and collaborations. Ras Caleb is free to work with other musicians be it famous ones or upcoming. He has already done duets, collaborations and has featured on various projects.

<strong>Patience and Perseverance: </strong>According to Ras Caleb, the entertainment industry needs a lot of hard work, patience and perseverance. Trying to convince people who didn’t know him to accept his music was hard but working on an advice given to him by one producer he persisted patiently and persevered.

In a world full of trends and competition he is sticking to his originality– shona lyrics on reggae beat. His aim is to emancipate the black people’s mentality and promote local reggae music internationally

<strong>The man behind the music: </strong>Ras Caleb is a family man, married to Thelma who is also a musician specializing in jazz. However at the moment she is doing backing vocals for her husband. CreativEutychus of Vivacity described Ras Caleb as a humble, down to earth man who works well with people. Being an artist has its own challenges but Ras Caleb tries by all means to stay humble, respectful to his family and the community at large. He feels that he hasn’t reached that stage where fame can mess his humanity, he is still down to earth.

Ras Caleb can be reached on

<strong>Facebook —- Ras Caleb ” that rascal” Dread zvikibidi hezvo</strong>

<strong>Online —- 321 </strong>where his music is available at $1.45

He currently busy on his <strong>you tube ¬†channel </strong>where music will also be available. I recently discovered being different is not a flaw of mine but a strength to realigning my life the way it’s supposed to be. It took some painful long years to accept that and finally be in a position to grow and be a better person. I know I’m not the only one with a hunger for self fulfillment and success. The purpose of this program is for me to share with you some career life hacks that you can benefit from too. It’s never too late to be better.